girl wearing windbreaker against a wall

Why You Need A Custom Windbreaker

girl wearing windbreaker against a wall

It’s Not Only For Bad Weather

As the name suggests, a windbreaker is a jacket that keeps the winds and chills from your body. It also protects against light rain. Sudden light showers are almost an everyday occurrence in Singapore. A custom windbreaker is an essential addition to the wardrobe of all Singaporeans for various reasons. 

Windbreakers Are Lightweight

The classic windbreaker only has one or two light layers. It is a jacket that is not meant to keep you warm, so you probably wouldn’t wear it on a cold day. Fortunately, Singapore experiences relatively high temperatures that hardly ever fall below 23 degrees Celsius.         

Even though light showers are expected because of the high humidity, a heavy jacket can be cumbersome to carry and unnecessary in Singapore. A custom windbreaker is the best jacket to carry because it is light and will protect you from the rain. 

Bright-Coloured Windbreakers Have A Reflective Surface.

Many athletes use windbreakers as a protective barrier against the wind and light rains. However, bright-coloured windbreakers have a reflective surface that will alert other road users of their presence on the road. When walking out in the dark or rain, wearing a bright-coloured custom windbreaker will make you more visible. 

It Dries Easily

Since the custom windbreaker is made of very light fabric, it dries quickly. So, even when the rains find you outdoors, you need not worry about carrying a soaked jacket. Windbreakers are typically made from polycotton, nylon, or other cotton blends. 

The waterproofing finish ensures the water remains on the top layer, so you can easily walk or work without getting wet. This helps the jacket to dry quickly, especially if the showers end quickly. 

Windbreakers Are Available In Different Styles.

Unlike other jackets, you have options when it comes to choosing the style of custom windbreakers. For example, some windbreakers have half zips, and others have full zips. Some windbreakers have a hood, which you can easily remove or tuck in at the neck if you wish. 

The colours of the windbreakers are a style on their own, with some coming in one colour, and others have multiple colours. These will influence your overall look, so you can use your custom jacket to compliment your style.  

It Is Versatile

The custom windbreaker is the go-to jacket because of its versatility. You can wear your windbreaker when you go out for a run, hiking, skiing, biking, backpacking, or even when running errands. You can wear a windbreaker over your regular jacket for its waterproof feature. 

It Is Affordable

The windbreaker is one of the cheapest jackets in the market. This is probably because it is made from readily available fabric, and it does not require much to make one. The single-layer custom windbreaker may be cheaper than the insulated two-layered one. The cost may also vary depending on the type of fabric used. 

Ultimately, your wardrobe is richer with a custom windbreaker. You can choose to make it part of your weekend wear or protect your work clothes during the week. You can customize the windbreaker to make it unique using a logo, image, or text.