Construction Worker Wearing A Safety Vest

Characteristics Of A Good Contractor Safety Vest

Construction Worker Wearing A Safety Vest

Why Should You Have A Custom Safety Vest?

When designing a custom safety vest, one primary component that cannot be compromised is the safety feature. Although it is lightweight, the contractor safety vest is a safety gear that is just as important as the helmet when one works at a construction site. 

When designing a custom safety vest, the following features need to be considered. 

Design Features

Did you know that the dimensions of the custom safety vest are specific? Although they come in various sizes, contractor safety vests are supposed to be easy to put on and remove. So, if a cyclist suddenly realizes that he forgot to wear his custom safety vest, he can quickly wear it because the dimensions allow him to put it on easily. 

The custom safety vest is also worn on one’s clothes, so it needs to fit easily, irrespective of what one is wearing. The vest also needs to be loose fitting to allow for ease of movement.

Lightweight Fabric

The contractor safety vest is lightweight for various reasons because its primary role is to keep the wearer safe, not warm. The wearer can easily forget he has a custom safety vest because it is lightweight. This is why road construction workers can work comfortably on a hot day with their contractor safety vests on all day. 

The fabric of the custom safety vest is also designed not to be waterlogged. So, a cyclist or police officer shouldn’t be concerned that the safety vest will become too heavy on a rainy day. The fabric also dries quickly. 

Bright Colours

Safety vests are intentionally made of bright colours. Traditionally, they were made for emergency personnel, and the colour of the custom vest identified them. Red was for fire, Green for emergency medical services, and blue for police. 

However, today personnel in various industries wear vests for safety and easy identification. The vests glow in the dark, so it is impossible to miss someone wearing a contractor safety vest at night. 

Visible Branding

Companies whose employees wear custom safety vests should include their business logo and contacts. Besides this being a marketing strategy, it also helps with identification. For example, should there be an accident at a construction site, people can easily tell the contractor in charge of the construction. 

Contractor safety vests are an inexpensive way to market your business. Since the staff will be wearing the vests as they work, why not take advantage of them and advertise your business? 

If you opt to do this, you need to ensure the information is visible. 

However, this should now be at the expense of the safety features of the safety vest. For example, the logo and contact details should not cover the entire vest as this may interfere with the high visibility feature. 

These are some of the typical characteristics of a good custom contractor safety vest. Companies often make independent decisions such as the use of fasteners and the presence of pockets. However, these features are required to ensure the safety vest serves its purpose.