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Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide 

monochrome resort spa bathroom

How to Choose A Good Faucet

Bathroom faucets tend to last a long time. In some homes, they last for decades, especially if they are of great quality. Considering the longevity of bathroom faucets, you need to be cautious when buying bathroom faucets in Singapore. 

Faucet size

The range of bathroom faucets in the stores is eye-catching. However, shopping for faucets without knowing the ideal faucet size. Before deciding on the best faucet, you need to consider the size of your bathtub or sink.

If you have a shower stall, you may have greater flexibility when choosing faucets. However, When buying one for the bathtub or sink, without knowing the dimensions, you risk getting a faucet that is either too tall or too short. 

Type of Faucet

Do you want a mixer faucet that uses one lever to control temperature and pressure? Maybe you prefer a faucet with two handles, one for hot water and another for cold water. You may also want to try a touch or a touchless faucet. Knowing how you want the faucet to function will help you eliminate those that don’t meet your requirements. 


Faucets are made from different materials. Consider your decor and if the faucet you want to buy will fit in. Most of the materials used contribute to the faucet’s durability and aesthetic appeal. Some of the materials used for bathroom faucets include;

  • Stainless Steel. If you do not know the kind of decor you want for your bathroom, then Stainless Steel faucets are the best bet. They are neutral and will look great with most bathroom accessories. Faucets made from Stainless Steel are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. 
  • Brass. These faucets are awesome if you are looking for a vintage look. These faucets tend to be more expensive than those made of Stainless Steel. Fortunately, they are more durable and stylish. Brass faucets have three main finishes, Bronze, Nickel, and Chrome. The downside is brass faucets require regular maintenance to keep them looking awesome. 
  • Silumin. Faucets made of Silumin, an aluminium-based alloy, are often the cheapest in the market. Unfortunately, it is also inferior to other faucets. One of the downsides of Silumin faucets is a change in water pressure can cause the faucet to crack. Silumin also rusts quickly, so you will find yourself replacing the faucet in a short while.


Something to consider when buying bathroom faucets is the possibility of leakage. The valve will determine if your faucet is likely to leak in the future. Choose a valve made from high-quality material. 

Ceramic valves are the most durable. However, they are also costly. However, if you count on your bathroom being drip-free for decades, then you will be getting value for money. 

Consider Buying The Same Faucets For Your Shower And Sink

Your bathroom will have a complete look if you get faucets with a similar finish. Consider this when making a purchase with a reputable bathroom supplier in Malaysia, especially if you are working with a tight budget. 

Although there are various types of bathroom faucets, you need to pick one that suits your style and budget. You also need to consider the faucet’s durability.