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A Guide to T-Shirts Screen Printing 

t-shirt printing store

Easily Order Custom T-Shirts!

Customising t-shirts has become easier, not just for individuals but for corporations as well. Today, you don’t have to wear plain t-shirts if you don’t want to. You can easily order custom-made t-shirts from screen printing companies in Singapore. However, before placing an order, there are several things you need to know. 

The Quality of the T-Shirt Matters

Do you have t-shirts that still look good after a few washes? What about those that fall apart quickly? Some t-shirt screen prints look as good as new even after years of use, while some start losing their appeal within a short time. 

The fact is the quality of the t-shirt will affect the quality of the print. If you are running a t-shirt screen printing business, you are likely to have long-term customers if you opt for premium t-shirts. 

Businesses that customise t-shirts to promote their brand are more likely to see clients wear these t-shirts for longer if the fabric is soft, fits well, and looks great. T-shirt screen printing is more impressive on high-quality t-shirts. 

Consider the Function of the T-Shirt When Choosing A Design.

Are you ordering t-shirt screen printing for an outdoor event? Are the t-shirts for a marathon or a promotional item for your business? The t-shirt shouldn’t just have a functional design, but a fashionable one as well. Did you know that large screen blocks retain heat and weigh a t-shirt down? 

If you are designing t-shirts to be worn by marathon runners, you are better off having smaller prints that will leave the runners comfortable. 

Pick High-Resolution Artwork

A high-quality t-shirt fabric should only be paired with a screen print from a top-notch design. Downloading low-resolution images from websites or social media platforms is almost as bad as using t-shirts with low-quality fabric. 

If possible, have a professional create graphic artwork. Businesses offering screen printing services in Singapore often have designers at hand should you need help with the design. However, you could also submit your preferred designs in acceptable formats, such as Adobe Illustrator and pdf. 

Type of Ink

Another secret to great t-shirt screen prints is the type of ink used. Now that you have chosen the best t-shirt and design, the next step is to ensure the type of ink used is just as great. Colour accuracy is critical when screen printing t-shirts for brands that require specific company colours used on the t-shirts. 

Plastisol ink is usually preferred because it is always spot on in colour accuracy. When contacting a screen-printing company in Singapore, it is important to point out that colour accuracy is critical. Besides the type of ink, the density of fibres on the t-shirt will influence how the ink is discharged. T-shirts with a higher mesh count tend to result in better colour accuracy. 

Budget Appropriately

The unit cost of screen printing varies depending on the number of t-shirts you require and how fast you need them. Most t-shirt printing companies in Singapore offer great discounts for bulk orders. Some charge more for urgent orders. 

For example, if you fail to order for screen t-shirts early, you may be forced to pay more for a quick delivery since the company may be forced to work overtime to produce the t-shirts quickly. Conclusion

Understanding t-shirt screen printing will help you make the right decisions regarding the choice of fabric, design, and when to place an order. You will also need to research companies offering t-shirt screen printing services to choose one that will provide high-quality prints.