How Parents Could Help Their Students in Secondary Math

We all know that math is not an easy subject. Every school year, different math topics are being introduced to them and it becomes more difficult and complicated every time. As parents, we want to help our children as possible and as long as we can. If we ourselves know how difficult it is, then we should know our children’s struggle. In this article, we are going to give you some guide on how you could help your children and on how they can help themselves.

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To start, Math Scholars Singapore will tell us what parents need to know about secondary math.

Finished PSLE? Here’s 6 Things Parents Need To Know About Secondary 1 Math

Dear Parent,

We understand that the transition from Primary 6 (after PSLE) to Secondary 1 can be an uncertain time for parents, and sometimes a little frightening for children.

Aside from attending a new school, with new surroundings and new classmates – many parents wonder if their child will be able to ‘fit in’ and learn effectively.

After a well-deserved short break following PSLE, as the Secondary school year approaches you may start wondering…

  • How is Secondary 1 different to Primary 6?
  • Does my child currently have the skills and understanding to do well in Sec 1?
  • Does primary school adequately prepare children for Secondary 1?
  • Will my child’s PSLE score indicate how well he/she will do in Secondary 1?

The answers may surprise you. Read more here.

The stress is more on the differences between primary math and secondary math. Parents really have to understand that it is now different. Topics will now be more advanced and preparations must be done as well so they could be prepared when they enter secondary school. In relation to that, Math Scholars Singapore will share to us how parents can help their kids in secondary school math.

How Can I Help My Kids in Secondary School Math? (Singapore Syllabus)

A Guide for Parents to Help Their Kids With Secondary School Singapore Math – What to do & what NOT to do

Just about 5 months ago, I received a text from a father of a Secondary 2 boy…

He wrote in because he had read our blog post about how some kids seemed to score well in Primary school, but strangely, not in Secondary school – and vice versa.

He wanted to know why, and if possible… how he could help his son.

His son had scored an A for PSLE math.
But for some reason, had not been able to score above 30% for his Secondary School tests, even from Secondary 1.

After speaking to this father more, I realized there was more than just the grades.

His son had stopped speaking to him.
Whenever the father would try to ask “How was school?”, the reply was short and curt “ok.”
Then he would go back to playing his computer games, or typing away on his hand phone.
Read more here.

That was a real life experience of a parent who is concerned about his son not being able to score well in secondary math well in fact, he scores high in primary math. A foundation should really be built upon entering secondary school. It will all be different that is why preparations must be done.

Now, let us talk to the students. DSST Credit by Exam will give us 10 math study tips that will make you a better student.

10 Math Study Tips That Will Make You a Better Student

In some courses, all it takes to pass an exam is note taking, memorization, and recall. However, exceeding in a math class takes a different type of effort. You cannot simply show up for a lecture and watch your instructor “talk” about math. You learn it by doing: paying attention in class, actively studying, and working through problems – even when your instructor hasn’t assigned you any. If you find yourself struggling to do well in your math class, then read these math study tips to find out how you can become a better math student.

Remember That Math Is Cumulative 

Math courses follow a natural progression – each one builds upon the knowledge you’ve gained and mastered from the previous course. If you are finding it tough to follow new concepts in class, pull out your old math notes and review previous material to refresh yourself. Be sure that you meet the prerequisites before signing up for a class. Read more here.

One good tip given is that students must read ahead. It is always nice to have advanced readings. In this way, you would be able to have advanced knowledge and would have enough time to think and understand. Studying really takes some effort, and this effort does not only come from the student because parents’ efforts are important as well. Parents and students must work hand in hand for a successful schooling.