Blood samples vs. Swabs in DNA Testing

Paternity testing is done by collecting DNA samples of both the father and the child and matching them. Now, the widely used method of DNA collection is by either collecting blood samples or mouth swabs. Both these methods are accurate and it yet hasn’t been scientifically proven as to which is better between the two so, you can opt for either based on your favouritism and the convenience of the lab where the testing will be done. The only difference between these two methods is the processing of the samples.

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Below is explained the working of the procedures mentioned above which surely is going to help you decide between the two.

Working of Blood Samples and Swabs.

Samples collected from both your checks and blood will provide the same accurate result because the DNA sample in both are exactly the same. DNA collection from the mouth can be done by several processes which are-

Dry method- In this procedure, swabs are inserted in your mouth which scrab tissues from your mouth and tissues; microorganisms such as bacteria from your mouth may also be passed on to the sample.

Wet method- In this procedure, a liquid is swished around in the oral cavity and you will require to spit the sample into a collection apparatus. Bacterias of the mouth may be passed on to the specimen at the end of this method too.

Non-invasive method- In this procedure, after performing few necessary steps, you will have to spit out the collecting specimen on and to eliminate contaminates, another solution is added to it which will help to maintain the purity of the solution.

The method of collecting blood works in a similar fashion but only a syringe is needed to be inserted in your body to draw out the blood but some patients are scared of them Both the procedures have their own merits and demerits mentioned below-

The merits of swab sample are: it is fast and non interfering, it is preferred by scientist from the easier extraction process and from a testing point of view.

Two main demerits of the process is that bacteria can contaminate the cells containing DNA if it is not dehydrated and stored and since the cells are invisible, its visual verification is not possible.

Merits of taking blood samples for DNA testing are: chances of contamination are reduced due to storing of the sample in sterilised tubes, samples are clearly identified and the process is quick.

The demerits of the process are: it includes the syringe which may cause pain and the sample is easy to collect but not as easy as collecting the swab sample.